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No. No it’s absolutely not.

I walked home from work yesterday in an hour and a quarter and walked back in this morning in just over an hour. It was quicker on the way in because I forgot my phone so I had to guess the time and my imaginary clock was fast.

It’s just SO not as good. It’s slow. You notice all the nasty people drinking Carling on Hornsey Rd at 9am. It’s repetitive. It hurts your legs. And you have to wear sensible shoes.

I think I will throw caution to the wind and get back on two wheels next week. Fed up of these two feet. Two wheels good. Two feet bad.

London is so much prettier by bike.

I will have to pack up the skirts that the office has grown accustomed to seeing me in. A minor sacrifice worth making.


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I’m on a cycling hiatus. Bit pants, not sure how I’ll cope. I’ve hurt my knee so have to rest it for a month. So I have to ring the gym and try to pause my membership because if I can’t cycle, I just can’t go. The EXPENSE, the INCONVENIENCE! God I love cycling.

I’m on the look out for a new bike. But I also want a kindle so I’ll need to prioritise. It’s my birthday soon. I want a faster bike than mine. But I do enjoy riding upright rather than leant over on a racer so I’m not sure it can be that fast. I’d quite like a decent hybrid with a light frame and good gears for uphill. But there’s something about racers, even with their drop bars, that’s so appealing. I have started staring at other cyclists’ bikes at traffic lights, drooling slightly, like a dirty old man looking at attractive young girls.

I want one with hot body (frame) big wheels (wheels) and sexy clothes (saddle and paint work).

I’m considering the ride to work scheme but investigating the hidden costs first. Don’t quite get this transfer of ownership fee. Also, I have all the gear already. But a pay-monthly little hybrid could be exactly what I need. But if I don’t have an ancient bike, is it more likely to get stolen?

Anyone fancy a trip to Evans with me?

I am blogging from a Three mobile event for bloggers haha. Denise Van Outen said she liked my top, hurrah.


Isn’t she gorgeous though? (The bike, not DVO).

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I get very annoyed when blogs I follow don’t update. Then do the same. Apologies to my one, or perhaps two, occasional followers. Hi, mum!

Having plunged into the joys of dressmaking at the weekend, I chose yesterday to debut my first efforts. I’m pretty pleased my first efforts were wearable to be honest. The website described the below pictured skirt as “easy”, “20-mins” and “pattern-less”. The initial outcome was “hard”, “ugly” and “too small”. But, having promised my sewing machine that I would never hit her in anger again, I simply continued listening to (listen again) Adam & Joe, unpicked like the pro I am and began again. With some additional darting to stop it looking like a holey bin-bag, this is how it went:

Although I plumped for a nice comfy elasticated waist (high fashion, watch out, I’m on my way!) I felt cycling to work in it would be dangerous in case the sitches disintegrated mid trip to reveal my knickers to the world. So I wore my cycling shorts (with the padded crotch) on the way there and ducked into the loos before anyone had the chance to see my increasingly freakish thigh muscles under lycra.

Zoom in, and can you see my lovely shoes in the photo? Yes, it was taken in the loo at work. They’re old Office that I’ve barely worn, unearthed in another of my mother’s clear outs. Delighted to have them back in my life. More on them later as they were excellent cycle heels.

The best skirt is a floaty knee length with plenty of room to rotate your legs as you peddle. To save blushes, though, cycle shorts are vital underneath. And I do rather like the padded variety for the potholed roads of London. I always feel a wally wearing only cycle shorts, ESPECIALLY with the padding, as I feel people are constantly looking at my nether regions. I may be paranoid.

After work I headed to a press show near Great Portland St, which meant taking in the joys of the Euston Road at rush hour. Extreme traffic jams led me to weave inbetween the cars. There was a lot of honking. I think this was probaby a combo of my skirt,rolled up to my waist, my aforementioned cycle shorts and my purple heels. It may also have been because I was operating very bad road etiquette and deserved a smack, but probably the former.

This was skirt-cycling plan B. I rolled up my skirt to my waist to free my knees and reveal the shorts, which meant on arrival I could quickly hop of the bike and roll down the skirt to hide the shorts. It worked quite well but thanks to parking up right in front of Great Portland St station I didn’t have the opportunity to whip off the shorts and had to wander round the press show in moderate discomfort.

Cycling is not a great one of your wardrobe. I got more complements than usual yesterday due to the heels and skirt smartness. People always seem surprised by it.

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