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1. Rain deluge = arrival at very posh restaurant for press show looking like a drowned rat. Assembled professional company thought me mad

2. Amazing sun = happy Kim, more cycles on the road and less cars

3. After deciding to get a new bike, have been thoroughly disheartened by Evans Crouch End’s utter incompetence.

So skipping to number 3. I decided I would get a new bike. I’ve had my Raleigh for a year of hard work through all four seasons and it’s time I upgraded. The lightbulb moment came after my uncle-in-law laughed with genuine amusement at my naive belief that I could cycle up Muswell Hill on it. And he was right to laugh.

While I’d love a really amazing bike, I can only afford to get one if I pay monthly, which means the ride to work scheme, which means Evans. Which basically means Specialized. Which is fine in theory, except when I finally got to try one, after Evans’ catalogue of failures, I didn’t fall in love with it.

The Specialized Vita Sport will cost me £300 over 12 months and that’s manageable. But I don’t feel that it will make my life £300 times better. So I remain undecided. Should I just trust my bike for another year until I’m more financially stable and can potentially buy a cracker?

All I want is to pay £200 for a commute-worthy road or hybrid bike that will be faster and lighter than my current bike, is reasonably upright and not a racer, has good brakes and is good at going uphill. WHAT should I get??

I tried this one. It was OK.

More on Evans later, when I have simmered down.


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