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The Easy Seat

The time has come to discuss my choice of saddle. Here is a picture, doesn’t it look bonkers?

Bikeman Chris has already informed me that it looks naff and I need a proper comfy “normal” one, ideally in red. Bikeman Pete thinks it looks quite cool but wouldn’t get one himself because he’d be worried about getting his genetalia caught*.

I agree it’s a bit weird. It’s American, if that helps explain its existence. As you can probably see, it’s got a pad for each bum cheek, which supposedly makes it better for your posture and more comfortable to boot.

I’m not sure about comfortable but it’s certainly interesting. It also has a weird fixing onto the seat post so it’s made the bike about an inch too big for me. And I don’t have very many inches so that’s rather a lot. I’ve got the hang of riding a too-big-for-me bike now, though. I just had to accept that when I stop at lights and junctions I must take my rear from the saddle and plant one foot firmly on the asphalt to prevent a Only Fools and Horses Del boy bar moment.

But back to the seat. My original saddle was pretty uncomfortable and I dreamed of a Brooks. Then I sat on one and it was bloody hard. My commute isn’t especially long but on journeys into town and extra trips I did get a bit saddle sore. I swapped bikes last Autumn from the trusted old Raleigh to my new highly temperamental Peugeot racer. It was the perfect time to try a new saddle. After extensive research and horror stories about nerve damage saddles have been known to cause the lady-bits**, I whim-purchased the Easy Seat.

I have become used to having a section of saddle at the top of both my legs at every pedal but I wouldn’t describe it as especially comfortable. Having said that, I’m pretty fond of it now and I’m surprised I don’t get more jibes for its unconventional appearance. If I was taller, it would probably be great. It also cost £40 so it’s staying. And at least I’m not going to hurt my ladygarden.

**For more of the gory details that I don’t want to go in to, the NY Times has an excellent article, though mostly relating to male cyclists, explaining the perils of a nosed saddle.

*actual quote rephrased for publication.


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