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As I alluded to in my helmet hair post, there is more than just a battered barnet to contend with on arrival at work. With any exercise, there’s always the side effect of sweat. And let’s be honest, ladies do it too. Men sweat women perspire and horse glow, goes the saying*.

*possibly in a different order

So do you shower when you get to work?

I don’t because it’s a 20 minute ride with only one hill and I trust my deodorant so I only arrive at work a little damp. But with winter and the need for sweltering waterproofs fast approaching, I’m pondering a post cycle trip to the mildew infested waters of the office shower.

I’m not sure what length of cycle would precipitate a need to wash on arrival (WOA). After all, I used to get more hot and bothered on the tube. But one day in the future my commute may lengthen and my job grow in importance and I might have to WOA.

But this would mean carrying a towel. Its a hard life with many difficult decisions that I live.


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